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Q: I have an 8x 30 Intex pool. How many tablets should i use?

A: Put 2 tablets in floating dispenser every 3 days

Q: Do I need a dispenser?

A: These don’t fully dissolve for about 5 days so yes you need a 1” dispenser.

Q: Is this product recomended for use in spas?

A: Yes, can also be used in spas. However, you would NOT need more than one tab for the average hot tub. Assuming you would be using a floater and assuming the average hot tub is around 500 gallons.

Q: Can you use these in a 608-gallon pool?

A: Don't see why not. Just use 3 or 4 tablets in a floater. And keep an eye on it. I use 2 in a floater.